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We offer kickboxing classes every day of the week, we offer both technique training where you will train with a partner, but also heavy-bag workouts. Are you completely new to kickboxing and prefer to first familiarize yourself with the basic techniques? Then you might be interested in our introduction course! Click here for more information!

To keep the training fun and varied the structure of the classes alternate, but always include a warming-up, stretching, technique, power- and cardio workout and a cooling down. We practice our technique on the kicking pads, on the bag and on each other. During our advanced classes we always spar, so a mouthguard is mandatory. Also, ladies have to wear at least 12 oz gloves and men 14 oz or heavier. In addition, you will have to wear hard shin guards. Sparring is always done under supervision and sparring to the head is optional!




From now on you can subscribe for classes via the VirtuaGym app! It is mandatory to subscribe for a class beforehand. You can subscribe up to 7 days in advance by using your personal account which you will receive as soon as you become a member. It is even easier to subscribe if you download the free app. You can sign up for a trial class via this link or by sending an e-mail to


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